Sunday 11 October 2015

Vegfest London 2015 and The View from the Shard

On the 11th October my vegetarian friend Stephanie and I visited London Vegfest at the Kensington Olympia. We were really excited as we made our way on the over-ground and arrived at the event at 1pm. It was so busy when we walked in we could hardly move and queueing to get lunch was a nightmare. After 10 mins I finally got my Vegusto farmhouse hot dog that I had been craving since the Brighton Vegfest earlier this year! The texture of the hot-dog is not quite the same as meat but personally I find it softer and you won’t find any nasty pieces of gristle. Paired with a soft bun and onions it is a perfect way to fill up but I didn’t stop there haha oh no I tried and was fit to bust on plenty more food.

As we walked around the stalls I spotted my well-loved moo free chocolate company who specialise in creating chocolate that tastes milky and creamy. My ultimate favourite is the mint flavour but there was an orange flavour I had yet to try so I tried a sample and I just HAD to buy a bar. They taste so smooth apart from the chunky bits of the flavouring which add the perfect crunch. They are the perfect treat after a long day or when you need a little pick me up. 

We wondered around for a couple of hours, there was plenty to see! Lots of different food and products to try. The atmosphere at these kind of events is one that Stephanie and I have grown to love. Everyone is very relaxed and while the event itself is full of hustle and bustle with people buying the last of this and their favourite of that, overall the event has a very peaceful loving vibe and it’s a great place to meet new people who have the same values as you. There were also lots of food demos and talks going on that anyone could take part in or watch.

As Stephanie sat down for a bit of savoury food I couldn’t help but try the falafel from a nearby stall called “Falafel in a box. They are not too spicy which I loved because I definitely cannot take the heat! They were quite mild and had a really nice blend of spices to pair with a blob of hummus on the side. They were filling and so nice that I had to buy a bag of the mixture myself! Each bag has around 100 falafel balls. I will try them at home and let you know how they turn out! To wash down the snack I had a Dirty Elvis smoothie from the company Damage Limitation. You can see the ingredients in the photo below. It was so smooth and chocolatey and the added date flavour sealed the deal for me.

As we walked past Paradise I couldn’t help but buy their “Rawtella” chocolate and hazelnut cake and as it was nearing the end of the day I also got a blueberry layer cake for only £1 extra. What a bargain. The raw chocolate cake was so rich and creamy perfectly paired with the bitter layer of biscuit at the bottom. It tasted very hazlenutty and for all the nut-lovers out there it would definitely be a favourite. The blueberry cake was so fruity with real blueberries dotted throughout which broke up the creamy texture and added a burst of sharpness. Again the cream was complimented by the slight bitter taste of the biscuit.

It was a very good day and everyone was in such high spirits as the event wound down and we were so glad we went we definitely will be going to the one in Brighton in February! The Brighton Centre is a lot smaller than Kensington Olympia so is nicer for those who don’t do so well with such big crowds of people! All in all it was an amazing day with such an amazing sense of purpose and peacefulness.

After the event we travelled across London to London Bridge. From here we had planned to visit The Shard as I had purchased gift tickets for Stephanie’s birthday. We arrived a little bit early and walked over towards London Bridge and got great photos of the sunset. 

With such a nice background I decided to do a little OOTD.

Top-Forever 21 
Skirt-Ubran Outfitters 

My Unicorn Broach is from a small funky shop in Brighton and I think it really brightens up a plain coat or cardigan. And I just love unicorns. 
The skirt didn't come with the mushrooms.
 They are iron patches and I just think they
add a really cute twist to the outfit.

I love trees and all things leafy
  hence two of the rings here. They 
   are both from Sainsbury's while the 
blue one is from a market shop in Zante.

The view from the top of The Shard was amazing! It definitely is worth the money and I would recommend going at night time to see all of London lit up. We got Pimm’s to sip while we looked out the window on the 72nd floor on the expanse of London. It was such a nice way to end our day. It really is peaceful to look out and think about all those people going about their lives. I know everyone says it but people really do look like ants from that height haha. It gives you a funny feeling in your stomach to stand right next to the window and look straight down almost like you’re going to fall. If you ever have the chance I would say go for it, it might seem expensive but the view is priceless.

If you would like to watch my vlog of our day click here.

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