Sunday 20 March 2016

Vegan Afternoon Tea

 Today I took my mum for a belated Mother’s Day and early birthday present. It was for afternoon tea at the Happy Teapot in Worthing. They offer vegetarian and vegan options which is amazing because I haven’t seen a little café offer this before. Walking into the café you instantly feel how cosy it is. The décor is super cute with positive signs, quirky ornaments and lots of fairy lights. The atmosphere is peaceful with old music filling your ears and taking you back to your childhood or yearning for a time before you were born, depending on your age of course.

The lady behind the counter was so polite and she knew we were there for the afternoon tea and remembered that it was one vegetarian and one vegan which I thought was so nice. After we ordered our teas, I ordered peppermint while my mum ordered strawberry and mango. I love peppermint and don’t order fruit teas because I never feel they taste like their description, however the strawberry and mango had a lovely taste to it. We went and sat down and waited, in high anticipation, for our meal.

They arrived a short while after and we began to tuck in! The sandwiches were filled with variations of cheese, cucumber, tomato and I think some sort of chutney. They were delicious none the less and although I was quite full I was so ready to taste the array of cakes and biscuits waiting on the tier below. I started off with the scone, coconut cream and jam. I was a bit sceptical of the coconut cream as I’m not the biggest fan of coconut but it tasted SO good! It was thick and sweet with only a hint of coconut. Put it all together and there were tiny fireworks of flavour going off in my mouth! There were also two mini carrot cakes that were so moist and the icing was so creamy. I haven’t had a vegan carrot cake yet and it used to be one of my favourites! There were two mini lemon cakes that were zingy, two little rocky-road-esque chunks, two different shortbread cakes and biccys. It also came with a few strawberries and raspberries which were refreshing to eat between the cakes. There was so much food that my mum and I took a doggy bag, with the treats we couldn’t quite fit in, home.



It’s easy to feel rushed in some café’s, like they want you up and out the door for the next customer to come. There was nothing like this, we were left to spend as long as we wanted chowing down on the delicious afternoon tea they had provided. I’m not sure how many days and on what days they offer a vegan alternative for the tea, I’d like to see it available on a weekly basis but I know that this isn’t always possible, however I will definitely look out for the next one to get my fill of having afternoon tea and pretending I’m a stereotypical rich socialite lol.

Overall I was extremely happy with this café trip, from the service down to the food on our plates and all for only £19.90 it is amazing value. I would recommend it to everyone. Keep up the good work Happy Teapot! You can find their Facebook page here.

See you next week,

Catrina x


  1. This is awesome to read! Nice to see more vegans in this area :) :) Will definitely check out this cafe!

  2. Such a cute cafe! I've driven past it so many times but never gone in - I really should!