Sunday 17 January 2016

Boost Your Mood: Underwear

Hi there! So I’m thinking of starting a series called “Boost Your Mood”. These posts will be about the little things that I know always help to boost my mood and make me feel better when I am feeling down, hope you enjoy and if you try anything I show in my post that it helps cheer you up!

I’m starting with a post on underwear. I always feel my best when I’m wearing nice matching  underwear that makes me feel and look good. Now I know that no one is going to see it because it will be under clothes and while it’s perfectly acceptable to buy underwear to impress your partner, if you have one, always remember to do it for yourself. Just knowing that under my clothes I look good and have cute underwear sets my day up and makes me feel so much better even if I am in a bad mood, which I usually am when I have to leave my bed, (especially in this weather haha!)

Now, nice underwear can be seen as a very expensive thing and might be one of the reasons you’re only seeing old bras which have stretched out of shape and have gone a bit bobbly in your drawers! But it doesn’t have to be pricey at all! While I do own some more expensive lingerie from Topshop and Accessorize I also own inexpensive sets from stores like H&M and Primark. I’ve taken some pictures of my favourite sets to wear at the minute (from the lowest to highest price) and hopefully they inspire you to go out, buy some lingerie and dance around your room to pop music while looking amazing in your new sets!

1. Black Lacey Non-Wire Set - Primark £4!

2. Red Lacey Non-Wire Set – Primark £4!

These are both so comfortable and so cheap at £4 each! I couldn’t believe it when I saw these on the shelf. They look absolutely lovely on and are made of very soft material. I brought a medium which is size 10-12 and it fits perfectly! (As Primark sizes are usually on the smaller side)

3. Black Eyelash Lace Balconette Bra and Thong- H&M Bra £10.99 Thong £4.99

This set is also very comfortable and the pattern of the eyelash lace looks very intricate and pretty against my skin. If I feel like I want a little more of a push than a non wire bra can give me this is the one I reach for!

4. Red Balconette Bra and Ribbon Lace-up Thong- H&M Bra £12.99 Thong £6.99

I love this set if I want to feel a bit more special on a certain day. The ribbon on the thong stretches out once you put them off and adds a lovely touch of detail as well as the extra lace on the straps of the bra. Not one to wear with a tight top as it shows through as lumps!

5. Blue/Green Non Wire Bra and Briefs- Accessorize Bra £14 Briefs £7

This set is so beautiful and reminds me of a mermaid and so of course I had to buy it! It’s very comfortable as there are no wires. I love the pattern on the edges and the scallop finish adds the mermaid-esque touch that I love.

6. Pink/Cream Non Wire Bra and Thong- Accessorize Bra £14 Thong £5

I’ve never had a bra that does up at the front before so I was very intrigued by the t-bar pattern at the back of the bra as you usually wouldn’t see this. It looks lovely with a backless top or jumper and adds that touch of pink that I need sometimes!

7.  Pink/Mint Non Wire Bra and Briefs- Topshop Bra £20 Briefs £10

I brought this set with a voucher I got for my birthday otherwise I’m not sure I would spend so much money on underwear! I love the sheerness of the material and the placement of the hearts on the bra however I do wish that on the bottoms the heart was on the front rather than the back!

So they are all my favourite sets to wear at the minute. My decision will be made on what clothes I’m wearing that day and just what sort of mood I’m in. I hope I’ve shown underwear doesn’t always have to be expensive to look much more high-brow than they actually are. Always remember self-love comes from within and although it may be hard to like what you see sometimes (due to our crazy society fuelled by a need to look like the girls in the magazines who aren’t even real) you are beautiful and always deserve your own love. Have fun shopping!

See you next week,


  1. These are beautiful! My favourite is the pink dotty ones!:) follow me and I'll follow you back xxx

    1. They are actually little hearts it's so cute! Will do xx

  2. These are all such good choices and So beautiful.