Sunday 10 January 2016

What I Eat in a Day #1|Vegan

Hi there! So sticking to my New Year’s resolution to write one blog post a week here is what I would eat in a typical day!

Every morning I usually have a smoothie with 3 bananas and various different fruits and veg! One of my favourite combinations is bananas, kale and pineapple! I normally get my fruit from Sainsburys as that’s where my family do their weekly shop, however the frozen bag of kale is from Iceland! Its only £1.50 for 1kg and it is great to chill the smoothie and add all the nutrients!

All the ingredients
you'll need!
Pop in a straw and enjoy! 

For lunch I will either have leftovers from the night before or make something quick and simple! Today I had the leftover ratatouille made into wraps with hummus, spinach and violife pizza cheese(which actually melts!)

I love pizza so that’s a typical dinner for me, either from a vegan takeaway or homemade! I made this one with the base I got from Vegfest and a sauce from Tesco’s free from range. It was delicious! My favourite toppings are tomato, mushroom, sweetcorn, pepper spinach and pineapple! I was staying at a friend’s (who only had a Tesco within walking distance!) here whereas if I was home I would of also added cauldron tofu from Sainsburys. I also added Violife cream cheese for extra flavour! 

This is a typical day for me and I will post another one soon! Hope your 2016 have started off well!

See you next week.

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