Sunday 24 January 2016

Terre A Terre Brighton Review

On Friday night I visited one of the most talked about restaurants in Brighton for a high standard of vegetarian and vegan dishes. It is on the pricey side so I would only ever go here for a special occasion or treat but it is well worth it! Each dish is named and described equally as wacky and although it may not seem very clear what the dish is, you will probably never be disappointed with the culinary master piece they whip up in the kitchen!

As we walked in the atmosphere is electric and joyful. The room is packed with seemingly happy people enjoying their evenings and their food! We are shown to our seats (you'll definitely have to book for a table here!) and our coats were taken to put away on a rack. Its definitely nice to be treated a bit special sometimes! Our waiter was so lovely and really helped to make the experience so wonderful. We didn't order starters but dived straight into the mains. I ordered the vegan version of the rosti revisited which has tofu instead of an egg on top while my friend ordered the non vegan version of it. Having myself had the non vegan version when I visited this restaurant before I highly recommended it and couldn't wait to try it as vegan! 

Our food came relatively quickly and as soon as I put the first forkful in my mouth I was so glad I ordered this dish again. The rosti is crispy on the outside and the spinach is to die for. The puree goes with the dish perfectly and the tofu while adding no real specific taste was a good texture to have with the meal. 

We then shared a desert which could  be made vegan and when we asked for it the waiter remembered it had to be vegan off the top of his head, he really was so nice! This was the real showstopper we ordered the Churrosimo. I could probably eat about a thousand of these. They are the first vegan churros I've had and I was not disappointed! They sticks had just enough cinnamon dusted on and the caramel and chocolate sauces will create fireworks in your mouth (no really I'm not exaggerating!) The vodka cherries were nice to finish off the meal with (I recommend dipping them in your leftover sauces if you're feeling cheeky) 

Of course this piece wasn't left!
Purely for picture purposes!
All in all the food, plus the atmosphere and attitudes of the people who worked there made it a really good and of course it's always best if you have good company too!

I would definitely recommend Terre A Terre if you're a lover of fancy food and fine dining, the price is definitely worth a special trip down there!

See you next week

Catrina x

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