Sunday 7 February 2016

Artisan Caffe and Deli Review

Okay so I feel like all I’ve been writing about at the minute is my experiences at restaurants but I just have to write a rave review about the Artisan Caffe and Deli, in Brighton. How I had not  been there sooner I don’t know but I had seen good reviews and once I ate there I am so glad I did! I recently quit my mon-fri job to focus on learning to drive before I start my journalism course so over the last week I was being very social and meeting a lot of my friends who I hadn’t seen in a while and ended up eating here 3 times throughout the week!

As soon as you walk in, it feels cosy and you’re welcomed by the very friendly owner who will politely let you know how it all works! The place is very clean and the décor is so lovely and cute. The cushions on the benches are a nice touch as when sometimes you start to get a numb bum sitting down savouring the flavour of good food. There is a big mirror at the end of the restaurant, perhaps to elongate the room but it’s nice to see the rest of the restaurant in its reflection. There is a T.V on the wall and while I was in there it was showing undercover boss which is nice to watch while you’re eating. There is also a cute quote on the wall that really makes it feel homely. The contrast of the bright colours in contrast of the white tables and walls create a fresh energetic feeling opening the small space that the owner has done so well with!

There is a cabinet of main meals to choose from, vegetarian on the top shelf and the next 3 shelves are vegan. They all look amazing and then you choose 2 portions of salad to go with it. All for only £4.50-80. It’s the most value for money veggie/vegan place in Brighton with high quality food to go with it. They offer various fruit, veg (smoothies) and milkshakes which unfortunately aren’t vegan but the smoothies are! These cost £3.50 but there is also water and some soft drinks on offer. While the salad is kept cold, the main meal is warmed up and given sauce if needed which is very good!

Vegetarian Pumpkin Lasagne
with cauliflower and sweet potato
Vegan Wellington with roast vegetables
and sweet potato
Aubergine Lasagne with kale salad and
sweet potato
All the food looks mouth-wateringly good! Since I’ve been there 3 times last week (oops) I’ve had the chance to try quite a few of the meal options!
Pepper lasagne with curry potatoes and
sweet potato

Filo pocket with spinach and courgette
salad and curry potatoes

I’ve also tried some of the dessert options the café has on offer. I’ve tried a chocolate orange cake that was delicious and a huge slice! The owner asked me if it was too dry but it was a lot moister than some vegan chocolate cakes I’ve tried! I’ve also had the pleasure to try one of their brownies. It was the yummiest, gooiest, chocolatey brownie I’ve ever had, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was vegan!

I would recommend it to anyone, vegan or not but especially vegan!! You can find it at  1 Western Road | Hove,BN3 1AE. Let me know about your experiences and If you enjoyed it as much as I did!

See you next week

Catrina x

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