Saturday 13 February 2016

How To: 3 Ways to Wear a Denim Skirt

This week I wanted to share with you how and what I would wear with a blue denim skirt. Any of these looks could also work with different coloured denim, just try to make sure the colours are complimentary. The three ways I have styled this look are “Casual”, “Smart” and “Party/Night Out”. I have used two tops for each look to show at any price you can rock the denim skirt!

Casual 1 T-shirt from Primark £3

I got a size 16 in this t-shirt because I prefer them to be a bit looser and have a slouchy kind of look. (plus Primarks sizes are warped as they are targeting young girls as well as women to buy the range, resulting in unfortunately the sizes being a lot smaller than correct measurements but I’m sure as you know this ranges from every shop, and even ranges to different clothes inside the shop! The struggle of shopping for women haha) The burnt out orange is one of my favourite colours, the top is ribbed and very soft, and it works well with the blue hue of the denim but also looks good with black, (doesn’t everything!) The shoes I would wear are my scuffed up boots that are also from Primark and were £18. They are really comfy and can turn up the rocky/grunge part of the look.

Casual 2 T-shirt from Urban Outfitters £21 (In the sale!!)

I love the words on the t-shirt and so in spite of its price tag I just had to buy it. I think every wardrobe needs a staple white tee that works well with everything. This is it, just with an added little bonus. I think it adds a subtle hint of individualism, I know this t-shirt was produced a lot but I regularly add little sewn badges onto my clothes for example the mushroom on my skirt, and I’ve out a rocket on another one of my white t-shirts, just to add a lil something something. The white works with any colour of denim skirt, I also like to pair it with my cord burgundy one!

Smart 1 Blouse from Primark £8-10

This shirt is so soft and although a bit sheer fits lovely and all in the right places. The mint colour is one of my favourites and works well with the colour block with the cream. I feel like the collar adds a sophisticated tone and when worn all the way to the top would be perfectly suitable for smart event such as dinner out, a birthday event, job interview etc. The shoes I would wear with this look are loafers with a fringe. These particular ones are from Forever 21 I can’t remember the exact price but I think it was in the £20’s. What I love about the Forever 21 shoe range (much like h and m) they offer a size 6 and a half which is what I actually need and makes the shoes so comfortable to wear.

Smart 2 Polar Neck from Urban Outfitters £18 (In the sale)

The brushed burgundy colour contrasts so nicely to the blue denim but would also work with other colours such as black or tan. Since it is plain you could always pair it with a patterned skirt which would work well with matching colours. The fabric is very soft and the polar neck always helps to keep you extra warm in the winter. The material is good quality and although the arms are a bit short I actually prefer this in case I want to show off a watch or the bracelets I have chosen to wear that day. Even though this may not be conventionally seen as smart I think it definitely has a sense of sophistication and chic.

Party/Night Out 1 Crop Top from H and M £10-12

I love the bright colour of this top. It really stands out whatever you’re wearing. The pattern of the white embroidery makes it even more special as it’s so intricate and detailed. I think it looks much more expensive than it is and will definitely catch everyone’s eye at a party. It has a zip on the back going from the top right down to the bottom which is great if you don’t have anyone to help zip you up as it’s very easy to do yourself but I always have a fear someone will unzip it while I’m out! (I hope no one is this mean really haha).

Party/Night Out 2 Bralet from Missguided £15

I love this bralet mostly because of the eyelash lace. I think it looks so nice and really draws attention to the little details of this top. It is a bit tight so I would recommend going up your normal size if ordering one like this. This top also has a zip right down the back, which makes it easier to do up and undo on your own. The shoes that I would wear with this outfit are my 70’s look heels that I got from Asos for £30-40. The thicker heel make them much more comfortable to stand (and spend the night) in! I would usually wear both these outfits to a party/night out without tights but it was far too cold when we were taking photos for me to have taken them off!

Hope this inspires you on how to wear and work your denim skirts! All these photos were taken by my incredibly talented (and patient!) friend Beth you can find her blog "My Fun Sized Life" here!

See you next week

Catrina x


  1. Oh my! the last two were so beautiful. I love being able to style denim skirts because they literally go with everything. You chose some great outfits. I like how you did the slightly more expensive tops and the cheaper Primark tops too, I feel like it reaches out to more people. By this really long comment I think you can probably tell I loved this post haha xx