Sunday 21 February 2016

Purezza Review

Purezza is the only 100% plant-based vegan pizzeria in the UK and its definitely doing something right! With 20 very creative pizzas on the menu and sides and puddings galore, it’s THE place for pizza in Brighton. I’ve eaten here quite a few time now and I have never been disappointed, the stuffed crust is to die for and my non-vegan friends love it too!

The restaurant is clean and cosy with wooden tables and chairs and bright reds, greens and whites running through the place. Each table has a little candle in the evening and there is a breakfast style bar at the front of the restaurant too. What I love about Purezza too is that they offer vegan food to go such as pastries, salads, sandwiches yoghurts etc. I haven’t seen this is Brighton apart from the odd falafel wrap in the big supermarkets so I think this is a really good selling point. I haven’t tried one yet but they look delicious if I ever need lunch on the go I’ll be going to get it there! For drinks they offer a range of hot drinks, vegan beers soft drinks and smoothies. I’ve had the green smoothie which you pick on the shelf as the components ready to be blended in the cup! I also think this is quite innovative as you know they are not using a pre made pack.

Fumosa with added Pineapple
Margherita in the backgroud.
Off of the extensive menu the pizzas I have tried so far are the Pesto, the Nacho, the Giardino, the Fumosa and the Fumosa with pineapple added! Each one just as delicious as the last. Like I mentioned the stuffed crust is absolutely delicious, it completely melts in your mouth, I’ve never tasted anything like it. I can honestly say it’s the best pizza I’ve ever had, even when I ate meat.  The bbq sauce is so tangy and the pesto tasted exactly like the real thing, even better. The ingredients are so fresh and the bases are good and strong and the pizzas are large! Of course I need to give a special mention of the Nacho pizza, with a guacamole base and nachos actually on the pizza, let me repeat that for those in the back who didn't hear, NACHOS ON A PIZZA, enough said really. Just trust me, you won't be disappointed. I always almost don’t have enough room for pudding…almost haha!

Giardino and Cheesy Garlic Bread
At Christmas they had a special mince pie pizza which was amazing. Normally they offer a chocolate calzone, an apple pie calzone, cheesecake and chocolate brownies. They also have an array of ice cream. I’ve only tried the chocolate calzone but it’s one of the best desserts I have ever had. It comes warm and we had a scoop of the peanut and salted caramel ice cream. The chocolate sauce inside was so thick and gooey, it tasted just like nutella, the contrast between that and the cold of the ice cream is the perfect combination.
Mince Pie Pizza

Chocolate calzone
I would recommend this pizzeria to anyone vegan or not. The pizza recipes are so innovative and the atmosphere of the whole place is so inviting, the staff are friendly and the whole experience is just so lovely. They have got a stall at Vegfest this year which is on the 27th and 28th of this month. I’ve been to Brighton’s Vegfest last year and London's Vegfest which you can find my blog post on here. I’m very excited, let me know if you’re going in the comments and if you’ve had a good experience at Purezza!

See you next week,

Catrina x

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