Sunday 28 February 2016

Vegfest and my Crazy Week

Today I visited Vegfest with a couple of my friends who are vegetarian! The vibe of the whole event is so awesome and everyone seems so happy to be around people who share the same values and compassion that they do. It was quite quiet when we got there so it was nice to wander around and be
able to see everything! We arrived around lunchtime so first of all we wandered around trying all the free samples and for lunch I got a donna kebab from Beelzebub which is made from seitan and all the veg. It was so nice! I definitely will be visiting The Hope and Ruin in Brighton for a meal!

After that I got a chocolate and strawberry doughnut from the Pomodoro E Bsilico stand and it was delicious! I’ve never had a vegan doughnut before and this definitely hit the spot! My friend got the boston cream and stated it was equally as gorgeous! Check her website here! I also delved into a strawberry kebab covered in pancake mixture. It was decorated with maple syrup and cinnamon powder. It was like a mini party in my mouth!

Now onto the goodies I picked up!


M’s Cupcakes in Jaffa, Oreo, Ambassador-Ferrero Roche and Red Velvet.

My two were the Ferrero Roche and Red Velvet which I took home to share with my family. (I’m just so nice I know haha.) They were delicious the chocolate icing was so rich and creamy while the red velvet icing tasted just like a cream cheese icing! The sponges were light and fluffy which is hard to believe when there is no egg in there! Find their website here!

Raw Pana Chocolate in Mint.

This raw chocolate is so creamy and doesn’t taste crumbly and too dark like some others I have tried. It is so rich and the mint was my favourite flavour because it really comes through! I can also recommend the orange and the cinnamon. Find their website here!

Jeavons Dairy Free Toffees

I love toffee, the harder the better and I have never seen vegan toffee before so this was a real treat! After a free sample I just had to get a bag! It tastes so much like the real thing I think I could convince people that it was! I also just had to get their smootch product which is a vegan version of rolos. The toffee is really nice but I think that the chocolate coating could be a little nicer but it’s not too bad! Fine their website here!


Reworked, relived and reloved denim shirt from Viva La Vegan (clothed in compassion) founded and designed by Jay Charlton. I love this because so many people just throw their clothes away. (I either give them to friends or a chartity shop!) And I looove the message on the back of the shirt that has been screen printed on there! I will most likely wear this as a jacket/cover up in the summer to spread the message and just to look cool really. From this company I also brought two patches to sew onto my clothes (I’m thinking my denim jacket and denim skirt) and a cute little pink love heart shaped guitar pick! (I’m trying to learn to play the guitar…trying being the key word here haha) The woman who sold these to me was actually the mother of Jay (she was looking around the stalls) and she was SO lovely, she even let me take a photo of her to show you guys! Their "Message Wear" t-shirts are ethical, eco-friendly, 100& vegan and recycled and they really stand out, you can check them out on 
their website here!

Vegan Beanie from All Glamour No Guts. I love this beanie because it’s a statement. It is clear who I am and what I believe in while also looking fashionable and keeping warm in this awful weather we are having at the minute. All of their garments are ethically made and are environmentally friendly plus 10% of all their profits are donated to Hillside Animal Sanctuary. I wish I brought a few more of their badges because they have awesome statement designs. Find their website here!

Jumper from Jade Green Vegan Compassionate Clothing line. I love the cute designs that show one of the main reasons why I am vegan, because all animals are the same and none deserve to be treated the way most are. There is no difference between a dog and a cow or a cat and a pig. We are just conditioned to believe it is acceptable to eat one and acceptable to cuddle the other. For every item she sells she donates £1 to a charity, there is more information available about that on her website here which also features blog posts about her life and lovely recipes! She uses a printer that is toxic-free with completely vegan friendly ink which means you can spread the message, look great and feel good about where your money is going all at the same time.


From CHIARALASCURA who also has lots of other amazing designs on various items on her website here. This badge is so apt for me because I basically live off of Pizza. Well I would love to haha but I do have it more often than not.

I can’t remember where I got these two cute badges from! They were different stalls and unfortunately I didn’t pick up a card. If you know please let me know in the comments below. This mushroom badge is also so apt for me because I will usually have mushrooms in most of my meals! I’m definitely a fun-guy haha.

These badges came with my denim shirt from Viva La Vegan which was a really nice touch!

This was the end of my Vegfest Experience…for now!

I also wanted to take time to tell you guys about the crazy week I have had!

TUESDAY: My friend Lauren and I went to see Halsey at the O2 Brixton Academy. If you haven’t heard of her go and check her out!! I love her music and the lyrics are so relatable. She is absolutely amazing live and this was one of the best nights of my life I still can’t quite believe that I actually saw her! She owns the stage and her husky sweet voice sends shivers down your spine.

WEDNESDAY: I went to Harry Potter World with my mum, which I have been dying to do for ages!! Since my mum and I are big fans it was nice to go with someone as equally enthusiastic as I am. What can I say, to see all of the real props, sets, costumes etc is magical and there really isn’t anything quite like it. It is a must for any Harry Potter fan, I got a Gryffindor scarf, since that’s my house and I love it. Jade from the Jade Green Vegan stand today said she liked it because it looked like Gryffindor and I got to tell her it was actually from the shop! It was a nice moment to have with another fan haha.

THURSDAY: After a driving lesson I quickly got on a train to see Twenty One Pilots, also at the O2 Brixton Academy, with my brother Callum for his 17th Birthday Present. Their support act was Transviolet who were very impressive. They are doing a tour of the UK in May and we booked tickets straight away as they sounded so good! Twenty One pilots themselves were absolutely phenomenal. Tyler can really sing and the whole set was so full of energy. It’s so amazing to hear songs that you love that mean so much to you sang live it really was incredible.

It was nice to pack in a lot of things before I start my intensive fast track journalism course in a week! Have you been up to anything amazing recently? Let me know in the comments. Hope all of you who went to Vegfest enjoyed it and enjoyed the fun times Brighton can provide!

See you next week,

Catrina x

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